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A Top Preschool & Child Care Provider in San Antonio, TX

Sunshine Montessori Academy develops lessons that stick with our children for life. Our goal is to do far more than simply provide your child with a glorified daycare program, as many public institutions seem to do. We want to help your child develop the self-esteem, work habits, and fundamental skills that will set him or her up for success for the long run.

Our preschoolers are put into 2 main rooms, the 3 Years Room and the Kinder-Ready Room. Most of our lead teachers are certified, and there is a low student-to-teacher ratio. Our pre-set curriculum ensures that each child has access to the same level of education, no matter which room he or she may happen to be in.

See the Difference at Our Top Preschool

The Montessori method encourages creativity and problem solving, and above all, allows the child to work at his or her own pace. This is how Sunshine Montessori Academy has become a top preschool in the San Antonio, TX areas. 

Our teachers remain on a first-name basis with our students so that your child can learn freely and easily. Our preschoolers are expected to work hard and behave (in age-appropriate ways, of course), but even discipline and reprimands are developed so that your child can correct his or her own problems. The goal is always to learn and to grow.  We encourage you to visit our early childhood school today and see what makes us a top child care provider in San Antonio, TX!
Our child care center and early childhood school features interactive tools and easy-to-follow prompts that allow your child to begin to build skills. Our day care center's equipment is formulated to engage the following senses:
Child Care Center, San Antonio, TX
  • Audio
  • Visual
Daycare Center, San Antonio, TX
  • Olfactory
  • Gustatory
Early Childhood School, Sunshine Montessori Academy
  • Tactile
By working with all five senses, your child will begin to develop a strong individual work ethic. He or she will learn to love learning for its own sake and the rewards that it can bring. This is motivation and love you won’t find in any other educational setting!

In addition to engaging all five senses, our preschool curriculum gives our students exposure to a wide variety of academic disciplines. Your child will start to learn Spanish and can participate in a Mini Movers dance class, including music and movement and ballet. Science, geography, and history allow your child to learn more about the world around him or her. Of course, we’re also building those key literacy and numeracy skills with our letter, shape, and number of the week.
See the Difference for Yourself

Public and private schools around the world have adopted the Montessori method for teaching young children for a simple reason: it makes a difference. A Montessori education sets the stage for each child to grow into a self-capable, functioning member of society who is self-reliant and able to comport himself or herself well in any situation. Allow your child to reap the benefits of a Montessori education and gain a head start in school and in life. Contact us today to learn more about our preschool program.
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