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Dr. Maria Montessori founded the Montessori movement in teaching and learning. It was her belief that each child has the ability to learn and should be nurtured and taught individually. This is the foundation of our school, from the preschool to the baby nursery.  This is why we are one of the top child care providers in San Antonio, TX!

At Sunshine Montessori Academy, our trained Montessori instructors and comprehensive curriculum allow each child to receive far more than just supervision. Our students spend their days curious, inquisitive, and engaged. We provide full-day daycare center services for children from the age of 3 weeks through the toddler years, and a child of any age has much to gain from our program.
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Infants at Sunshine Montessori Academy don’t only receive supervision, food, naps and changes, and lots and lots of love. They also benefit from our stimulating, individual-focused classrooms. Our caregivers make sure our infants have the best possible care in a clean, structured, and fun environment. Our care is no substitute for Mommy and Daddy’s love and attention, but we do believe it’s the second-best thing!

In between nap time and changing time, we are also providing stimulating, age-appropriate educational activities and tasks for our littlest learners. All of our activities are carefully screened to be developmentally appropriate for each individual child. We have the correct environment to provide a child with a peaceful educational experience that encourages and never overwhelms.

We place our infants into our Baby Room, caring for little ones from the age of 3 weeks to 12 months. We take pride in having a low student-to-teacher ratio. If necessary, we’ll split children into multiple rooms to reduce the possibility of overcrowding and make sure each child gets the individual attention he or she needs.
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Our toddler daycare program has a low student-to-teacher ratio and uses Montessori curriculum to allow children to work at the level at which they are most comfortable. We encourage our toddlers to be self-motivated and fully engaged with the learning experience. We've structured the lessons and materials to help kids stay involved and motivated.

Our teachers are trained to give each child individual attention and an individualized curriculum. Our goal is to teach every child that learning can be fun. The curriculum is specially geared to young children, putting them on the right path to a lifelong love of learning. We introduce a new letter, shape, and number every month. Our children learn about the seasons and the world around them. In fact, children in our daycare center often go on to perform one or two grade levels ahead of other children in their age group.

We place our toddlers into three main rooms:
  • Walkers Room: 13 months – 17 months
  • Toddlers: 18 months – 23 months
  • 2 Years
As always, we will split children into multiple rooms if necessary.

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Give your child the head start he or she needs with a Montessori daycare experience. Children at Sunshine Montessori Academy get to learn while still having plenty of time to play and form friendships.   Our child care center is the top preschool in the San Antonio, TX area! Don’t you want your child to join the fun? Learn more about how we can give your child a great start by contacting us today.
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