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After your child graduates from preschool, there are still plenty of opportunities for learning and fun! Sunshine Montessori Academy offers care options for students up to 12 years old, taking them all the way through the elementary years. Whether you’re looking for after-school care or care during the summers, we have what you need.
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Elementary school-aged students can benefit from our after-school care options. Our teachers fully understand how to apply the Montessori Method to the education of older children. We’ll make sure your child gets supervision, play and homework time, and additional academic support to stay ahead of the curve through the elementary years and beyond.
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Our summer camp is designed to combat summer “brain drain” while providing supervision in a fun, engaging environment. We engage your child in a holistic way. We have a swimming pool so that your child can enjoy activities in the water, and we also provide numerous field trips to museums, parks, and kids’ movies. Your child will look forward to coming to Sunshine Montessori Academy throughout the summer months, and he or she won’t be able to wait to tell his or her classmates how he or she spent his or her summer vacation!
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We would be happy to talk to you in more detail about our after-school and summer camp options. To learn more about our programs, structure, and supervision, please contact us today.
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